Welcome to Pi Sim Sounds 

Due to a bug found with version 1.0 of Pi Sim Sounds, a new version (1.0a) has been release. This release should have no negative effect on any previously working objects. Please see the download page for further details and to download the file.

It's taken a while, but its finally here, an application, which allows object creators to add custom, sounds to their objects. This application is designed to be easy to use for both the object creator and the game player. Should you have any questions, consult the FAQ, or feel free to email if not answered by the FAQ.

This program is given away free to anyone who wishes to use it, object creators, please see the creators page for more information, although we do not accept liability for the consequences of the use or misuse of this program, we will attempt to assist if you do have any problems with using it. Thank you for your interest and we wish that you all enjoy the additional dimension custom sounds can add to your game.

For those of you looking for the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine: Click Here

We would like to thank Simslice for their help and support as well as offering Forum space for Pi Sim Sounds discussion. Please head on over and take a look.

Or access their forums directly at: Simslice Forums @ www.ezboard.com