The Pi Sim Sounds Instructions.

1. Installation
2. Usage

1. Installation

Simply create a directory within the Maxis\The Sims\SoundData called "PiSimSounds".
Copy the executable "PisimSounds.exe" into this directory.

If on executing the application you get an error along the lines of "Unable to start the application, the Java Virtual Machine cannot be loaded.", please click here

2. Usage

To install or update custom sounds:

When you download an object that uses PiSimSounds, you will find a number of mp3, wav and/or xa files in the object zip. Move all these files into the PiSimSounds directory (as created above).
Execute the application (double click on "PiSimSounds.exe")
Click on the "Update Sounds" button at the bottom.
When "Sound Files Installed Successfully..." is displayed, click exit.
Run The Sims and the sounds should be working with the object (assuming the object is installed correctly)!

To uninstall all custom sounds:

Execute the application (double click on "PiSimSounds.exe")
Click on the "Uninstall All Sounds" button at the bottom.
When "Reverted to default sounds only..." is displayed, click exit.

To uninstall a specific objects sounds only (leaving all others):

Go to the Maxis\The Sims\SoundData\PiSimSounds directory
Delete the sound files associated with the object you wish to remove.
Do the normal install technique and it will remove all and re-install only those that are still in the PiSimSounds directory.