The Pi Sim Sounds FAQ.

Why do I need the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine?

The application is written in Java and compiled with Microsoft Visual J++. Unfortunately this compiler produces applications which require the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. There is work underway to remove this requirement.

Will you be producing version for Appls Macs?

One of the benefits of Java is it's platform independence, so it is hoped that a Mac compatible version can be release shortly. However it has never been tested on a Mac so there may well be problems.

What happens if I don't install the new sounds with an object?

From the testing that has been done, it appears that no error message is seen and all that happens is the sound is not heard. Should to receive an error message, please email Pi with the details.

Which version do I need

The newest version will always support older objects, however you only need to upgrade if you are using an object which makes use of the newer features. See the PSS_readme.txt file included in the object downloads to find out which version you need.

Please email questions to Pi to add to this list...