Pi Sim Sounds Download Page

There is a new release of PiSimSounds, version 1.0a, which is essentially the same 1.0 except it includes a bug fix for the following bug. When the first file in the PiSimSounds directory (if sorted by name) was an audio file, this audio file would not be installed properly, and therefore would not be heard in the game.

PiSimSounds requires the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine to run. Additionally, the application only works for the Windows version of The Sims. Please check back here for updates.

Pi Sim Sounds 1.0a

Pi Sim Sounds 1.0a end users download

(If you simply want to use objects that require this application!)

Object Creator Packs

Pi Sim Sounds 1.0a creators download

(If you wish to edit objects to include custom sounds)

Previous Versions

Pi Sim Sounds 1.0 end users download
Pi Sim Sounds 1.0 creators download